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In collaboration with Marbles & Ware Collective, The Embers Storytellers bring you two evenings of Midwinter Tales in the wonderful surroundings of The Vaults.


The Embers Collective is a storytelling and music collective based in East London. We aim to bring you old mythology and folklore to intimate venues around London.


During our Midwinter Tales event our talented storytellers and musician will take you on a magical journey through faraway, snowcovered lands where fires are lit to keep the darkness and cold of winter at bay. Around those fires, stories are told; whether it be of Odin's Wild Hunt, the rebirth of the Sun Goddess who will guide us through the darkness, maybe giving praise to the God Saturn, or simply marking winter's midpoint where we can celebrate the return of brighter days. Come gather with us around the metaphorical fire and let us warm your soul on these cold winter nights with our tales of old set to the wonderful soundscapes of our multi-instrumental musician.


Check for more information about some of the other great events happening in The Vaults over the month of December.

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11 Dec: 6pm




Exluding Eventbright's fee


Tickets for dinner guests @ 5 with discount: slapyapapa2016

Tickets also avaliable on door


All ages welcome



Entrance to The Midwinter Tales is via our Leake Street entrance

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