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The Vaults is dedicated to supporting artistic freedom and providing a supportive space for a wide and diverse range of performances. We recognise that prejudice is an issue at all levels of society. The Vaults understands that discrimination denies minority groups their basic human rights, dignity and respect. 


Our commitment is always to equality and social inclusion, and our fabulously diverse community challenges us to do things differently if we are to create positive outcomes for all. We consider it our responsibility not just to operate in a fair and open way, but a way that challenges oppressive societal norms. We recognise that we ourselves have prejudices and continue to work against them by listening, learning and exploring.




The Vaults understands that representation of oppressed and minority groups leads to increased awareness of our biases, and ultimately to a fairer society. We always aim to be part of the change that normalises inclusion of all. 


This responsibility is represented by:

Unbiased and diverse hiring of staff across all sectors the our business;

Programming, producing and supporting a range of work from diverse artists and creatives;

Encouraging in-coming workers, creatives, employees and audience to explore our biases, both individual and in the world around us;

Understanding the need for strategy to encourage diverse audiences; 

Ensuring the outward facing staff and artists - to public and across media - represent our diversity. 




The Vaults will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour against our staff or customers. This includes discrimination against people on grounds of:


Ethnicity / nationality


Sexual orientation



We consider discrimination harrassment and will not tolerate any kind of inappropriate behaviour without action. 


Employees who harass their colleagues will go through our disciplinary procedure. 


We recognise that sometimes discrimination is unintentional due to unconscious bias that can be difficult to recognise or overcome, from ourselves, our staff and our audiences. We will support individuals through appropriate actions such as discussion or training to mitigate these instances. Unchanged behaviour following these actions will result in further disciplinary action or removal from the venue. 




The Vaults enforces an anti-cultural appropriation policy in accordance with our commitment against racism.


The Vaults understands that racism exists in many forms, and it is upheld within societal structures and practices, notably cultural appropriation, wherein people co-opt cultural garments or practices from a culture they do not personally identify with, usually in the form of costume. As a venue that often encourages themed dressing-up or immersion within the world of our shows, this policy is especially important. 


Even if donning a particular item of clothing or accessory might seem harmless, it is important to think about what it might mean to other people – for some, it’s so much more than just an accessory. These items hold cultural and/or religious significance. When people wear certain items as a costume, they disregard the struggles those who wear these garments as part of their culture go through. 


Key questions that people should ask themselves to avoid the pitfalls of cultural appropriation: 

Was this design created by people who have been historically marginalised? 

Do I belong to that community, or has anyone from it invited me to wear that design? 

Is my wearing it benefiting the community in any way? 




If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy, or any part of The Vaults’ ongoing commitment to diverse programming, please contact The Vaults on 


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