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“Because there’s one thing that links us. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news,

but there’s one thing we all have in common. All of us, here, in this room. And

though we don’t talk about it, it stands as the truth nonetheless...”


Somewhere in the world. Somewhere in between. Kathryn stands, watches, and is watched. 


Kathryn is here to talk to us about death. Because it isn’t spoken about enough. Because the world hides it and cushions it so you don’t get upset. But then it does happen, and it will happen, and not knowing hurts more than anything. 


She’s going to talk about a nuclear family. Mother father daughter son. Cascading in age male female male female. Cute, innocent. The type you’d sit and watch and think of as a bouncy castle on a damp field. Their little, settled world.


She’s going to talk about how their world fell apart, and how it was simultaneously rebuilt. How they supported each other, how devastated they were, and yet how normal it was. How weirdly, weirdly normal it was.  


Symbiont is a semi-autobiographical horror stand-up one-woman-show. It’s the deep chat with your friend when they’re going through things. It’s the details you might or might not want to know, in a safe environment.


It is fun, it’s a bit scary, there’s a bit of chaotic dancing that’s more cathartic than anything. You don’t have to dance if you don’t want.

Made at New Diorama Broadgate

Produced by Charlotte Holder 

Directed by Jasper Frost 


About Caged Bird


Caged Bird are an award-winning creative company telling honest and empathic stories that personally address audiences. From the moment you arrive at the theatre, cinema or other venue, a Caged Bird experience should feel personal. Electric. Different. While we don’t have one throughline in our work, historically our pieces have blended forms and focussed on mental health; what it really means to live in a modern world and what that means to modern audiences. Above all - nothing is static. 


14th - 16th July

7:00pm doors

7:30pm show start


60 minutes, with no interval


General Admission £15

Concession £12

Prices exclude booking fees



Entrance to Symbiont is via our

Launcelot Street entrance

Trigger warnings available on request; please email

Age guidance 12+

This event is not available with Vaults Gift Vouchers

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