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17 - 29 NOVEMBER 2014

Mimetic Festival is a two week celebration of the very best emerging devised, physical and visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret.



28 NOV | 22:00 | CABARET £10 & £8 CONCESSIONS

Join Scotland's biggest drag queen for a spectacular hour of her own brand of risque comedy. 


Standing over you at seven feet, this drag queen will leave you in stitches as she delves in to sex, dating and all her gossip with a great blend of audience participation. 


A delightful mix of conversation and material, she will leave you unable to look at Pringles in the same way ever again. 


This is the final performance of this five star fringe sensation show. 


"Savage quick wit." - Skinny

"She's big, tough and absolutely filthy." - Broadway Baby

"Master of the mic." - QX Magazine 

25 - 29 NOV | 18.30 | MIMETIC 1 £15 & £10 concessions


They wait. 

And wait...

and wait...

and wait. 


They wait, surrounded by nothingness and the empty loneliness of their existence. Occassionally, they catch a glimpse of hopeful chnage and move beyond their fears. But as quickly as it comes, it goes... 


The Lonely Room is an enchanting mime duet by Eloise Carles and Flavia Bertram telling the story of two women trapped in the in-between of life. 

This story is inspired by our inner passive dreamers.  Through the language of corporeal mime and dance set to an atmospheric score by Michael Neo, the duo create a timeless world of fears, anxieties, dreams and - most importantly - hope. 


29 NOV | 19:00 | CABARET £8 & £6 CONCESSIONS


We are not Cakes is a devised piece inspired by a collection of short stories, poems and texts from Russia's early twentieth century Avant Garde movement: The Oberiu. 


A flight into the surreal, the show consists of absurdist vignettes with a blend of live muic, spoken word, puppetry and burlesque. 


"If you like your thatre full of anarchy, you'll certainly find this your cup of tea."

Views from the Gods


For one night only you have the chance to see this huge range of theatrical styles, topics and stories from performers Lily Hannah Priggs, Vicky Hancock and Gavin Fowler. 

Be prepared for anarchy. 

20 - 29 NOV | 21:50 | LUCY'S ROOM £8 & £6 concessions


Meet Pi. His head in the clouds and his feet firmly half way up in the air, he cannot help but dream. 


Join him as he travels, suitcase in hand, through the landscape of his imagination, and meets some truly unusual characters. From a geisha to a stripper, this cheeky little mime cannot resist flirtations with those that he meets - but what happens when they find out about one another? 


Which one will he chose? 


PiTheMime - Outstanding Contribution - Mimetic 2013


"A very new, very fresh piece of work from a talented man." 

28 NOV | 22:00 - 03:00 |  £5 IN ADVANCE, £7 ON DOOR


A frolicking frenzy of raggle-taggle destruction.


The Almighty Grape and their motley madness, promise to ignite the night with crazed Gypsy fusion. A jumpy jamboree of the alternative variety, to start up the last weekend of Mimetic. Taking us into the early hours will be the riotous DJ Ragnar Petursson with his magical powers of rhythmic quality.


TOP TIP: Glitter is a statement, not a question.

Doors open at 10pm, bar open until 3am.

25 - 29 NOV | 20:20 | LUCY'S ROOM £8 & £5 concessions


Marion Deprez is Gorgeous is a one-woman physical comedy show that turns the whole concept of 'beauty' on its head. 


A trained clown, Marion has fun demolishing her fabulous facade, reversing the roles to make you the star and revealing her true nature as a gorgeous, brave performer. 


Here is an 'ideal' woman who makes us realise life is not about image, but rather about being spontaneous, carefree and fun. 


"Totally bonkers" Broadway Baby

"A natural clown" Total Theatre 



25 - 29 NOV | 19.50 | MIMETIC 1 £15 & £10 concessions


Robert Caligari is a nasty piece of work. But today is the day he gets his comeuppance. Today is the day he's going to die. 


Kill the Beast present The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - their 5* adaptation of Tom Baker's glorious story. Promising beautiful projections, original music and over eight hats, it's a grisly tale of one scoundrel's attempt at infamy. 


"Inventive, clever, gruesome and hilarious, the Boy Who Kicked Pigs is a twisted triumph and an unmissable debut production."

What's On Stage


"A scorchingly talented company." 

Time Out 

28 & 29 NOV | 20.30 | CABARET £12 & £10 concessions


Lady Carol returns to London with more songs of spirited spite and tales of melancholic mischief. Bringing with her a brand new show; 

A less than organised collection of tales and songs that, like everything in life, can never remain the same. 


You will leave the show with your cockles warmed and your heart lifted. Come and join Lady Carol on her latest flight of fancy. 


"Her act radiates elegance as she sings a mix of original songs and covers with a deep rich voice that is uniquely her own."

Broadway Baby


"I am amazed at the huge, pitch-perfect voice that the elfin chanteuse possesses, yet it can be soft and delicate also."



29 NOV | 21:00 - 02:00 |  £5 IN ADVANCE - £7 ON DOOR


We'll be celebrating the close of another amazing Mimetic Festival with a final night extravaganza of performance and partying 'til the wee small hours. 


There'll be walkabout performance from Pi and the team, live music and DJs, not to mention a host of guest performers from throughout the festival. 


Come Sunday morning we have to pack up our shizzle and be moving on - so we quite literally have to drink the bar dry! 

29 NOV | 22.00 | CABARET £12 & £10 CONCESSION


Rubyyy Jones presents a sensational and sexy showcase of her incredible students; otherwise known as Young Feminist Whores.


Rubyyy very happily works one-to-one with performance artists in theatre, cabaret and burlesque to help them harness their unique magic and to blow audiences away. 


A chance for them to strut, shimmy and show off with aplomb, led by Rubyyy Jones herself. 


Erotic Award Performer of the Year 2011


Check out some of cabaret and burlesque's best rising stars! 


25 - 29 NOV | 21:40 | MIMETIC 2 £15 & £10 concessions


In this new show Michael Twaits returns to his theatrical roots; exploring the self, the artist, the politics and dichotomy of modern life! 


Caustic cabaret, autobiographical analysis, theatrical theorem collide as the creator of 'Confessions Of A Dancewhore' brings a multimedia feast of a show to Mimetic 2014. 


What art can you create when you're actually happy in life? 

What happens when your political desires are met? 

We've been striving for equality whilst also maintaining their cultural otherness, and now we have choices - don't we? 


"A sensual and intellectual feast."

What's On Stage on 'Confessions Of A Dancewhore'. 

28 & 29 NOV | 19:00 | LUCY'S ROOM £6 & £5 concessions


The Holy Trinity arguing over Christmas television and the Central Line on a Monday morning. 


A puppet sketch-show making big things small with a peek into the hilarious, ridiculous and altogether normal Christmas Day of the divine three.


The show includes two new pieces of human comedy.


This physical theatre piece sees the absurd beauty of public transport. What if the barriers between strangers disappeared... and we just all danced to an Ivor Cutler song?


Be among the first people to catch this work-in-progress at Mimetic. 

20 - 29 NOV | 22:00 | MIMETIC 1 £15 & £10 concessions


Boris and Sergey, your favourite puppet clown vagabonds, present for your viewing pleasure an hour of improvised delights, featuring guests from Mimetic and the odd audience member or two. Expect malarky, molestation and mirth of a magnitude hitherto unexpected in a subterrean Vault in Waterloo. 

Boris & Sergey return with the latest show from Flabbergast Theatre


"An audience that is flabbergasted, left in awe, astonishment and fits of laughter." Three Weeks

"An unexpected masterpiece." Broadway Baby

"This is utterly brilliant; an hour of filthy, hilarious puppetry genius... Thank God for Flabbergast Theatre." Across The Arts 

25 - 29 NOV | 18.40 | MIMETIC 2 £15 & £10 concessions


Jealousy: the fear of losing your loved one. 

Funny and colourful in childhood, an unstoppable and eventually violent emotion in some adult lives. 


Pathos explores the mechanism of passionate love, from the first sight to its very conclusion. Without words, through symbolic images and dreamlike projections while making use of commedia dell'arte, pantomime, grammelot, clownerie and white masks, we describe the most unpredictable and bloody aspect of every passionate feeling: love. 


"a masterpiece of its kind."

"a fascinating piece of art that is at once both beautiful and terrible."

"talent abounds in both the writing and the acting." 

25 - 29 NOV | 20.10 | MIMETIC 2 £15 & £10 concessions


A Tragicomedy About Loss.

They have a car in the garage, a chicken in the pit and a child on the way. But is that enough to hold them together? The messy, sticky absurdity of marriage told with vocal acrobatics, quirky humour and an evocative 1930s soundtrack. Silent film nostalgia and cartoon antics fuse into a whirl of physical theatre. 


Etgar Keret, author: 'A striking transformation of my story.'


Crazy Glue comes from the wonderful minds of Filipa Tomas and Bradley Wayne Smith. 

Using only three cubes and a bottle of glue, two performers plunge into a comic and moving exploration of the lengths we will go to fix a relationship, even when it appears beyond repair. 


Finger in the Pie’s Mimetic Festival is a two week celebration of the very best emerging devised, physical and visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret.


Now entering its third year we regularly play host to some of the most exciting international companies working in this field today – previous programmes have included Theatre Témoin and Fantasist, Glass-Eye Theatre’s City and Iris, Boris and Sergey, London Cabaret Award Winner Dusty Limits, Fosters Comedy Award Winning clown Doctor Brown, The Paper Cinema’sOdyssey, PIT Theatre’s Kubrick³, and the Talent! Spain award winning Teatro En Vilo’s Interrupted.


TICKETS AND BOX OFFICE - 0207 620 3364

GENERAL ENQUIRIES - 0207 401 9603



Leake Street


Terms and Conditions


1. Concessions - includes, Student, Over 60, Unemployed, Under 16, Disabled. Proof of concession on arrival will be required


2. Privacy Policy - We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


3. Delivery Policy - When purchasing a ticket, you will recieve your e-ticket via your chosen email address. This email will be delivered within 1 hour of placing your order.


4. Refund/Cancelation Policy - All tickets are non-refundable once bought. The full ticket price and booking fee will be re-imbursed in the unlikely occurence of a show cancelation.


5. Products and Pricing - All products and corresponding prices are clearly marked on the website before purchase and during purchase through our ticketing system


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