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6 November - 29 November


PV: Wednesday 5 November



Dreams of Being Batman draws together the artist's recurring investigations into childhood, memory, and containment with the inevitability of decay.


Chisnall's assemblages evoke a dreamlike melancholia that at times borders on the nightmarish. Visitors are invited to peer inside the artist's box sculptures, each a type of Wunderkammer, inhabited by familiar and forgotten curiosities. One is prompted to reflect upon the tensions between man's natural desire for mobility and his growing urge to possess that arise in an increasingly capitalist driven society. 


Dreams of Being Batman presents a selection of works, some raw and intensely textural, others kitsch and unnervingly creepy. 


The exhibition will feature Chisnall's celebrated assemblage installations alongside lesser seen works on paper.


For all Gallery enquiries

0207 401 9603





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