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Beauty and the Feast


A delicious six course fine dining feast of femininity where dance, food and fashion meet. I AM and The Vaults brings you the future of dinner installation, as dining tables transform into stages. This unique dinner installation destabilises our gaze as we become part of each perfomer's journey. A journey that will proclaim to the world - NOBODY IS A PIECE OF MEAT. 



"I was right out of my comfort zone and in awe of such raw creativity. The choreography was jaw dropping. It was mesmerising. And unlike anything I’ve seen before. Some have called it feminist. I call it artistic, abstract and experiential.

And utterly different. "



"As we eat a sumptuous six-course tasting menu of meat in various guises, our entertainment explores its surroundings, grows brave and starts to rebel. The beauty with An Evening Of Meat is in its delicacy and layering." 

Miro Magazine


"The beauty of the evening is it is so unique, and you won’t experience anything quite like it."

Empty Pocket Guide


"It’s loud, provocative but it’s fun – sparking every single one of your senses and stunningly getting the point across that

women are not pieces of meat."



"Be prepared for a pulse-racing night of food and feminine fancy!"

It's Rude to Stare


"Both performance and dinner were radical"

Pink News


"It feels like a secret when you arrive. It’s an evening that must be experienced!"



"Anyone who enjoys the more abstract side of performance and likes eating good food NEEDS to snap up a ticket ASAP. Seriously, do it."

Mini Adventures


An Evening of Meat is now closed. Thanks to everyone who came!

A delicious 6 course fine dining feast of fierce femininity. 


Sink your teeth into a culinary and dance experience dubbed by Huffington Post as: "Redefined dinner entertainment... both immersive and experiential."


On the table, in front of you, a body starts on all fours - its position is of vulnerability. Soon the body moves and the story unfolds...


Through her strength, her power, her unbridled wildness, she will tonight rise up like the phoenix. And you will rise with her.


This unique dinner installation destabilises our gaze and draws out our innermost contradictions as we become part of each performer's journey. A journey that will proclaim to the world - Nobody is a piece of meat.


With its cult following An Evening of Meat has reached critical acclaim in Sydney, New York and Berlin for its innovation and expression. Come underground to join our culinary masters for a 6 course fine dining feast that will tantalise every single one of your senses.


After dinner the performance will lead you to our underground bar where you are invited to stay behind and enjoy a cocktail in the relaxed and intimate bar area into the midnight hours.


Presented by:

Dietary Requirements information:


All dietary requirements will be catered for. The menu will focus on a careful balance ensuring all dietary requirements are catered for.


This event is very vegetarian and vegan friendly. Please contact us to provide us with exact dietary requirements for all guests.



Food designed and prepared by Chavdar Todorov, Steven Estevez and their team





Incredible metal sculptures by Ian Campbell Briggs


Preview Night 27th March 2018

Performances 28 March - 2nd June 2018

Tuesday - Saturdays

Doors: 6.30pm

Dinner: 7.30pm



General Admission: From £35

Prices include Booking Fee



Tickets may only be purchased as a couple or mixed groups

No single ticket purchase available



Pre dinner lounge

6 course fine dining feast

Installation dance performance


Book online below or by phone



Entrance to An Evening of Meat is via our Leake Street entrance

Suitable for Ages 18+

This show contains haze, strobe effects and adult themes


For access tickets, please call 0207 401 9603

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