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Holly-Anne Buck / Collagism & Adam Milburn

April 12 -  May 17


THURSDAY 1 MAY, 6-9pm:


More details HERE


Collaborators Holly-Anne Buck & Adam Milburn present a piece of Sonic and Visual Collagism in ALIENESE 24-HOUR.


The pair began collaborating whilst living in Tokyo in 2002 with their audio visual project Mink Engine. Together their multi-disciplinary work has been shown widely around the world. As artists and producers their work explores the relationship between sound and pictures.


ALIENESE 24-HOUR is a new video work that explores the internet of you, me, them and whatever is now, summed up perfectly in a quote by sampling artist Girl Talk 'We're all the same dude, dude".  ALIENESE 24-HOUR is audio visual Collagism, a new language that describes now.


Masks made in Collagism workshops by Collagism, Benito Juárez, Oliver Baggot, Jay Harper, Will Merryn Edgecombe & Kids from World End Estate 2013/2014. The project has been supported by Apiary Studios, London. Apiary celebrates experimentation and cross pollination, supporting and pioneering projects, education and research.


An array of carefully selected works on paper by various other artists will also be available for purchase. 

For all Gallery enquiries

0207 401 9603

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