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Beauty and the Feast


We kindly request to amuse your bouche with some fine art feasting. It is with the most sincere pride and overwhelming pleasure that eloquent designers Darling & Edge invite you to be their guest for a palatable pantomime.  

me together and inspire others.


Two of London's leading immersive event extrodinaries are joining forces to produce one cosmic supergiant of a party. Join Shotgun Carousel and Gypsy Disco as they transcend time and space to host a night of intergalactic entertainment!


Room 1: The Mirage

In the outer-reaches of the universe, as the air begins to crystallise and your brain hallucinates, a tropical oasis awaits. Luscious, luminous plant-life and alien life forms float through the iridescent vacuum of this treacherous mirage, as you head into the event horizon.


Tropical Bands & DJ’s / Aerial & Circus Performances / Cocktails & Dreams / Immersive Characters


Music Lineup:

Mango Rescue Team

Mango Rescue Team is a raving 10-piece posse who create tropical psychedelic music and buzzing stage shows. Their performances are high energy, raucous experiences that bring an irresistible carnival atmosphere. They leap from calypso to funky merengue, from afrobeat to cumbia with flourishes of flamenco, samba, North African Rai, Central African rumba, mariachi and rock'n'roll all while switching languages. Big band tropical anarchy!


Mango Rescue Team boast Yorkshire’s most skilled and versatile brass section, outrageous antics and costumes, and a hugely entertaining live show. They strive to bring their tropical philosophy everywhere they go.


King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band

The Flying Swordfish's psychedelic Afro-Latin-music show includes costumes, light show and visuals as well as a smells and effects technician! They co-ordinate an evolving palette of smells, lights, smoke, ‘exploding-star’ balloons and an actual swordfish that flies through the air with an original and varying set of music to transport you to a faraway, fantastical place.


DJs: Gypsy Disco Soundsystem (Gypsy, Cumbia & Tropical Bassslines)Ru Robinson (Afro Funk & Latin Rythyms)


Room 2: The Martian’s Cave

Enter the volcanic underground layer and dance wildly to the sound of Dystopian baselines. Join the last liberated earthlings as they prepare for their ceremonial human sacrifice to the God of Mars!


Pole Dancers / Burlesque Acts / Martian Dancers / Interactive Performers

DJ Lineup:Kris Dee (Garage, Jungle & Ghetto Funk)Carol Voldemort (Dystopian Bassline)Cóponet (Disco, Disco & DISCO!)


Room 3: The Red Planet 

Indulge in other worldly experiences and delights on the terrestrial plane of the Red Planet. Meet the inhabitants of this desolate landscape and test your wits against the canniest dust devils!


Massage Parlour / Story Telling / Roaming Illusionists / Interactive Games


Room 4: The Astrologists Sanctuary

Step outside the spiral galaxy and sit among the stars. Have your fortune sung as you are bejewelled amongst the celestial creatures of the solar system.


Fortune Telling / Face & Body Painting / Life Drawing 

2 December 2017



Super-Early: £10

Early: £13

 Advance: £15

On the Door: £20

 Price excludes Booking fee


Book online, by phone or in person at V3, 100 Lower Marsh. SE1 



Entrance to The Zodiac Ball is via our Leake Street Entrance

Doors open at 9:00 pm

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