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Following the success of This Is 1993, Epoch returns to The Vaults to present their latest mix of Theatre and Throwbacks with The Millennium. Come and span the reach of 1999, from the underwhelming '99 party, to the election of Putin and George W Bush.


1 night, 2 thousand, 3 plays, 4 tunnels, featuring the work of AllthePigs, Husk Theatre and The Dank Parish.


Be transported into the time tunnel featuring all things that were, or were not, The Millennium. The world didn't end but it was the end for The Mini, Snoopy and Sctaman John. It was the last time space didn't have a human presence, the last time life existed without Grand Theft Auto and the last time Russell Crowe could fit his ego through a door-frame.


So come with us, at least until the party's over... oops out of time.


7pm - 12am


£10 - Early Bird

£12 - Advanced

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