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Beauty and the Feast


We kindly request to amuse your bouche with some fine art feasting. It is with the most sincere pride and overwhelming pleasure that eloquent designers Darling & Edge invite you to be their guest for a palatable pantomime.  

me together and inspire others.


Join us for a very special edition in our series of events in

collaboration with the spectacular Life Drawing Gymnasia. We are really

excited to be popping up The Body Physical in the dark underground tunnels

of The Vaults in Waterloo for an afternoon of high octane, immersive life



Expect some very physical, powerful poses from the Gymnasia in an

afternoon of highly charged life drawing, immersive sound and dramatic



The Life Drawing Gymnasia is a model run group aiming to reclaim the power

of the artists model through creating their own events and taking control

of their artistic direction. Founded by professional models, the group are

committed to a very physical and dynamic genre of life modeling and are

constantly channeling their strong connection and stamina into a unique

style of performance modeling.

18 November 2017

Doors open 1.30pm - 4pm



General Admission: £25

Prices include booking fee

Prices include all basic art materials


 Recommended age limit 16+



Entrance to The Body Physical is via our Leake Street entrance

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