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Experience Dia de los Muertos, with rituals and prayer to dance and theatrics, all catered by authentic Mexican favourites Wahaca. 

The Vaults are collaboarting with Mexican foodies Wahaca to bring you theatrics, festival and a whole lotta spirits. Rember your loved-ones-lost by celebrating life. 



22nd November 2017

6pm - 9pm



General Admission: £20

Prices exclude Booking fee



Entrance to Take F**king Risks

is via our Leake Street entrance


Mellor&Smith are a London based creative agency. We love people that want to risk it all with work that grabs you by the balls and screams at you to take notice. Oh and we also have a perculiar musical love for 80's Ghana funk.


Included in the ticket: A beer on arrival, a short talk from Paul Mellor, 20 minute talk from badass illustrator Marina Esmeraldo, a 20 minute talk from Vikki Ross and a 45 minute talk from rap star legend Mr Bingo.


Followed by the liveliest Q+A you've ever been to, and perhaps even a mingle over a beer afterwards.


Mr Bingo has reinvented what it means to send a postcard. Started on the back of a drunken tweet in 2011 his Hate Mail project has since gained global notoriety. Spawning 2 books, the most recent was the most successful book launch in Kickstarter's history. The promo video for the campaign is a piece of genius.


Vikki Ross is a copywriter extraordinaire and author of one of our bookshelf favourites 'Agency Quotes'. She's witty, razor sharp and knows her shit. With 20 years of experience in the advertising game we suggest you pin your ears back and get your notebook at the ready.


Marina Esmeraldo is one of our favourite illustrators. An irreverent style, bursting with colour, shape and unusual compositions she is at the fore-front of London's illustration scene. Who else would draw people having sex while singing on a karaoke machine? We love it !


"YOU GUYS ROCK!" A drunk guy after drinking 10 pints of nun's piss at the end of our last event.



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