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This Christmas, we're offering you and your guests a chance to be whisked away into a surrealist dream.


Inspired by Disney Fantasia, Sounds and Sorcery is a new immersive sensory experience. Prepare yourself for an adventure into a multi-coloured, kaleidoscopic, artistic interpretation of Disney Fantasia.


It's time for a dance with a funky hippo that will leave you in a celestial spin, walk in a prehistoric wasteland to make your skin sizzle, seek out the fairies in a magical forest for an ethereal dream and, if you dare, sneak into the Sorcerer's lair - you may find this surreal symphony swells the soul. ​


Group sizes 150 - 1000


Please email for more infromation and the full brochure.


"It really paid off and moving forward we want to do more events like this" NBC Universal

"Everybody absolutely loved it, they said it was the best party ever" Grey

"The venue was quirky... but all the staff, even the Chairman, all thought it was brilliant" Education First

"We have had fantastic feedback already" Global

"You made it look so effortless and it is such a smooth running venue" Tripadvisor

"Thanks for such a wonderful party last night!" Yahoo!

"Best UK party ever" Spotify

"People have been raving. The feedback has been phonemenal" WME | IMG

"There are no words to describe that mac 'n' cheese" Wowcher

"The catering team were excellent" Rightmove


November - December 2018

For all enquiries please contact:

0207 401 9603



Entrance to Sounds and Sorcery

is via our Leake Street entrance

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