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We invite all you lost sinners wandering the wide and wicked world to come and join us in PARADISE LOST - The September Masked Bal.


Here for one evening you can dwell again in a state of blissful innocence in PARADISE supping ambrosia and nectar from the hands of our Golden Naked Servers. Or for those more recalcitrant transgressors you can mortify your sinful flesh under the iron hand of Captain Crop in PURGATORY. And for those eternally damned souls come and wallow in your wantonness at our Forbidden Fruit Cabaret show in Lucifer’s dominion of PANDAEMONIUM.



Welcome to the Bowels of the Earth, where we invite you to take a seat at the Forbidden Fruit Cabaret, hosted by our compere beyond compare RUBYYY JONES - the Queen of queerlesque, neo-burlesque beauty and force of nature.


Performing for your damnable delectation will be:


LYDIA DARLING: Rock n' roll Siren of Doom will dance, whirl and cavort, conjuring up the very Fires of Hell. 


SMASHLYN MONROE: the Mephistopheles of masochism will unleash all the torments of Eternal Damnation upon herself. 


TETE BANG: bad bitch of burlesque and angle grinder will strike sparks off metals and audiences alike.


MARIACHI JALISCO: sombreroed and rhinestoned troubadours will celebrate the eternal Dia de los Muertos that reigns in Lucifer’s realm.


DJ JAMIE MOON: diabolical & decadent dandy will dish tunes of trash, sleaze, and grinding glamour.



Should you manage to escape the clutches of Hell, your sinful nature dooms you to make the slow ascent of the Mountain of Purgatory before you can attain the heights of Paradise. Along the way our resident scourge CAPTAIN CROP will purge your passion, atone your ardour and shrive your sensuality to ensure no trace of transgression remains in your mortal flesh


And in PARADISE...

Finally, you may attain Earthly Paradise. Here A FIELD GUIDE will instruct you in setting and mounting the myriad butterflies that flit in the unsullied wilderness. ART MACABRE will invite you to sketch Adam and Eve in their most pristine state, while DJ BISHI spins songs of Innocence and Purity and our GOLDEN SERVERS raise the Fruits of Paradise to your lips. But beware the crawling creatures from MAYNARD’S REPTILIAN MENAGERIE, which may whisper temptations into your ear that could lure you anew to your Fall.


25th September 2016

9.00pm - 03.00pm



Entrance to Paradise Lost is via our

Leake Street entrance

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