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19 September - 11 October
PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 18th September, 6-9pm


SOFIE BOONS, also known as The Alchemical Jeweller, finds inspiration in substances, scents and science, combining jewellery-making with experimentation and the senses.


PHYLICIA GILIJAMSE produces jewellery that is comfortable to wear and interesting to interact with. Highlighting the beauty of lines and geometric shapes she plays with notions of reducing, fitting, hiding and revealing elements of the body.


SOPHIE MAIN endeavours to understand the role of objects and adornment within systems of value, to order and explain the world, past and present. Choosing to focus on the humble pin, Sophie is currently experimenting with and investigating this essential object by creating a brooch every day for one month.


IZZY PARKER is a London based designer-maker inspired by cultural anthropology. Through her installations she collects creative observations of social human behaviour, this participatory research is then translated into three-dimensional forms. She works with a wide range of materials using inventive making processes to create jewellery, body and interior accessories.


HOLLIE PAXTON incorporates an element of surprise within her work, subverting the viewer from what they think they are seeing or experiencing. She often highlights ephemeral and often overlooked aspects of daily life, from fragments of litter on the street to the local shopkeepers’ hand-written signage.


MOLLY PERRIN plays with light in our surroundings, past and present, to generate jewellery and relating artefacts for today. Pieces range from reflections captured with a 3D scanner and recast from collected silverware, screen based artefacts created from images of ancient stars, to abundant silicon carved to show off a haze like raw gemstones and cut glass.


KUNTEE SIRIKRAI’s jewellery is inspired by the slow motion movement of a falling ring, captured on film through the lens of a high-speed camera. Using 3D software, her playful designs create a subtle yet sophisticated outcome.


MARINA STANIMIROVIC is a freelance wearable object designer exploring and experimenting contemporary jewellery as a complete medium. From the commercial to conceptual, exploring various interpretations, her work is a constant search for balance in the intangible space of oscillation in between grace and gravity.


Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm



For all Gallery enquiries

0207 401 9603

But I want nothing this society's got
I'm going underground

The Jam – Going Underground


Moving On are going underground during the London Design Festival 2014 in their continuing quest to introduce contemporary jewellery and objects to the general public. 


Moving On is a young collective of international emerging contemporary designers. Undercurrent will showcase the latest works of collective members. All pieces on display stem from in depth research and the realisation of the thought provoking concepts used by the individuals that make up Moving On Collective. There is more to contemporary jewellery and objects than meets the eye and they invite you to take a detour from your daily journey to join them and look behind the façade and explore the view from underneath the surface.




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