Mulan Rouge


We kindly request to amuse your bouche with some fine art feasting. It is with the most sincere pride and overwhelming pleasure that eloquent designers Darling & Edge invite you to be their guest for a palatable pantomime.  

me together and inspire others.

“A joyful riot"


“Colourful, filthy and funny. Ribald, big-hearted and well-performed."


“Simply fabulous darling, the best yet."


“Epic musical numbers, beautiful costumes and sharp writing."


“Pure, queer joy from start to finish."


“The room was electrified with a celebration of identity”


“A true must - see”


“A stroke of genius"



Bohemians, you have been invited to the spectacular of the century, the Mulan Rouge! It's time to leave your gender at the door, adorn your finest armour and pack your glitter purse - or risk bringing dishonour to us all. 


This year, the heart of The Vaults has been transformed into the infamous Mulan Rouge, a scandalous haven of dancing and naughty delights. 

The Vaults, with ShayShay, have taken the wonderful worlds of Disney’s Mulan and Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge and crashed together a drag-tastic parody - fusing comedy, burlesque and a feast to boot. This is a cabaret of fabulous

kings and queens, set to take you on Mulan’s journey of self discovery; and where better to make that discovery than the Mulan Rouge!



Across the lands, a terrifying whisper is taking hold: The Huns are preparing to attack! Mulan disguises themself as a man to join the war effort, but when their regiment commandeers the glittering Mulan Rouge, they find themself surrounded by glitz, glamour and go-go girls. Come what may, Mulan’s identity must be kept secret to defeat The Huns and defend the honour of the Mulan Rouge. Though when they meet a girl worth fighting for, will the whole plan go up in smoke?


So grab all your soul sistas (lemme hear y’all flow sistas) and descend below the flames of Paris for a burning hot, drag-tastic soiree. Down here, diamonds really are a queen’s best friend.




With a feast and cocktails fit for the green fairy, we can promise you a night of spectacular as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. So let's get down to busy-ness!


Suitable for ages 18+





Written and Directed by ShayShay

Produced by The Vaults

Set and Costume by Christine Ting - Huan 挺欢 Urquhart

Lighting Design by Clancy Flynn

Sound Design by Daffyd Gough

Choreography by Alisa James


Jacqui Bardelang

"Sigi Moonlight"

Grace Kelly Miller

"Luke Warm King"

"Good Ness Gracious"

Ruby Wednesday

Hannah Maxwell

Callum Tilbury

"Lady Aria Grey"

Carmella Brown

"Carmen Emissions"

Milla Sutton

"Lusty Lovelace"

Claudia Rosier


the team behind the food at Gingerline

7th October - 23rd January
Doors 6.45pm
We recommend arriving at 7.00pm
Show starts promptly at 7.30pm
Latecomers may not be admitted

Previews from: £35
General Admission: £10 - £35
Dining Tickets: £45 - £59
New Year's Eve:
New Year's Eve tickets include unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks
Run Time
3 hours
Dining Ticket includes a dinner fit for an Empress.
IF BOOKING SEPARATELY, please let us know who you would like to sit with prior to attending. For all requests email

All dietary requirements will be catered for as part of the Feast
Please email upon booking to make us aware of any requests, including seating arrangements.

Dress Code:
a hot Paris night at the Mulan Rouge
Adorn yourself in your finest glam and armour,
dress to impress and join the dazzling girls of the Mulan Rouge.
Please remember, 
cultural garments are
NOT costumes

Culturally offensive outfits will not be permitted
To see more on The Vaults' Cultural Appropriation Policy, or on the specific dress code policy for 'Mulan Rouge' CLICK HERE
Entrance to Mulan Rouge is via our
 Leake Street  entrance
For access tickets, please call 0207 401 9603
Suitable for Ages 18+
Sexually explicit and strong language
Latecomers may not be admitted
For Christmas and private packages for up to 1000 people, please email
Why not give this show as a present for someone you really love?
Purchase Vault Gift Vouchers HERE


Following current government guidelines, we are no longer operating under any social distancing rules.

We do however encourage the use of masks when not dining, as well as taking a lateral flow test before attending this event, and strongly recommend that you have been fully vaccinated. We have many sanitising stations dotted around the venue and request that you utilise these as much as possible.

None of these points are mandatory in order to attend Mulan Rouge, but are encouraged for your own safety, as well as that of the cast, staff and those around you.


Buy your tickets to the MULAN ROUGE on the 16th January 2022 for a special, one-off, charity night, giving to Cabaret vs Cancer.

All profits from the night will go straight to Cabaret vs Cancer. So for one night only, every dime you spend on dinner, every time you flash your cash and every penny you sink on drink will be donated to this marvellous charity!

BOOK NOW to the MULAN ROUGE for another spectacular night of sequins, feasting and red hot drag all for a fabulous cause.



Cabaret vs Cancer raises money through world-class cabaret and burlesque, supported by a team of ambassadors across the UK. Quite simply, our aim is to support people and families affected by cancer.

Since 2016 we have been working with child bereavement teams to ensure they have the tools and support they need to help children who are losing or have lost a close relative.

Additionally, Cabaret vs Cancer works with various organisations to support those currently living with cancer; from the manufacture of modern breast forms for post-mastectomy women in Cornwall, to patient transport providers in the North of England.

YOU can help us continue our incredible work and to help make the lives of those affected by cancer just a little better.


Make a donation today and together we can make a difference!

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