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28 June - 26 July



This Summer The Vaults Gallery pays homage to the ever-evolving graffiti canvas that is the Leake Street Tunnel. 


To celebrate this unique authorised painting zone that attracts artists, amateurs and admirers from around the globe, The Vaults Gallery present the art of London-based French graffitist MR SHIZ. The internationally recognised artist will combine his specialist skills in photo-realist graffiti, airbrushing, body painting and sculptural installation to produce 4 large scale and never seen before works. Visitors will be able to witness the charismatic Frenchman perform his art live in the gallery space.


These will be presented alongside a series of figurative canvases and video show reel. Let Me Spray It offers the public a rare opportunity to not only view works that are deemed too hot for the streets by local police, but to also own a Mr Shiz original, which typically exist as ephemera only. 


Mr Shiz's work has taken him across Ireland, Italy, France, Las Vegas, England, Cyprus, Austria and Germany. He has collaborated with the likes of Diesel, Ed Hardy, Cadbury, London Fashion Week, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, Drake and Usher. Mr Shiz will be competing in the World Body Painting Festival in Austria this Summer. 


See MR SHIZ painting LIVE in the Gallery: 

Saturday 28th June     (Spray painting)

Tuesday 1st July         (Spray painting)

Saturday 19th July       (Body painting)

Thursday 24th July      (Body painting)




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