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When a mysterious new beauty enters high society, the in-crowd are sent scattering out, bent  backwards and flattened low to find out exactly who they're dealing with.


OSCAR WILDE's raucous social comedy pulls apart the intricacies of etiquette and flips expectation rump-over-head in this scathingly funny satire. As young Lady Windermere varnishes up all cracks in the veneer, how is it she fails to notice that the place is positively crawling with woodworm?


Exploiting themes of stereotype, superficiality and sacrifice, Theatrical Niche tour this high-speed adaptation across the Regions & London in Autumn 2017 using signature touches of Commedia Dell'Arte, and Exaggerated Choreography.

12th and 13th November



Run Time

1 hour, 50 minutes



£13 General Admission

£11 Concession

Prices exclude Booking fee


Book online, by phone or in person at V3, 100 Lower Marsh. SE1



Entrance to Lady Windemere's Fan is via our

Leake Street entrance


 Suitable for Ages 10+

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