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Hexborn's School of Sorcery

Hexborn's School for Witches, Wizards and all magical misfits. 



15th Sept 2020 - 10th Jan 2021

Tuesday - Sunday



All tickets include:

Entry to Hexborn's School of Sorcery

Attend 2 of the 4 magical classes

A 3 course start-of-term feast

Tuesdays & Sundays - £50

Wednesdays & Thursdays - £60

Fridays & Saturdays - £70


Hexborn's is for 14+ only

For Family Friendly Dates and Tickets, watch this space


Doors open at 6.30pm

Show starts at 7.30pm



The show lasts 3 hours, finishing around 10.30pm

Bar open after performance



Dress in school uniform of your House colour, wands at the ready

Wands will be available to purchase on the door



Hexborn's contains adults themes and

sexual references, as well as strobe

Suitable for Ages 14+

For Family Friendly tickets, watch this space

All dietary requirements will be catered for as part of the dinner

Entrance to Hexborn's is via our Leake Street entrance

Prices are subject to change

Latecomers may not be admitted

For access tickets please call to book on 0207 401 9603



Why not give this show as a present for someone you really love?

Purchase Vaults Gift Vouchers HERE

Sadly Hexborn's classes have been cancelled for this year. Join our Mailing List below for future news!


Journey deep beneath Waterloo station, through the abandoned tunnels and into a world of magic and mischief.


You magical late bloomers have (finally) received your letter - you're off to Hexborn's! Choose your house (or let the sorting toad choose for you), attend classes and explore the twisting underground corridors of Hexborn’s.


Whether it’s uncovering the mysteries of this strange new world or impressing your professors with your knowledge of mythical beasts, Hexborn’s will unleash your full magical potential – and you might even earn a few house points along the way!


The cauldrons are bubbling and the tables are piled high for the Start-of-Term Feast. But there are rumours of dark forces stirring… and everything is not quite as it seems. So grab your wands, don your robes and prepare to live out your childhood dreams. A new school year is about to begin…




At Hexborn's it's time to choose your House:



Wyvern: for the ones with might, sly and noble, sharp and bright.


Nauticus: The house for winners, deepest divers, fastest swimmers.


Zephyr: for the true and fair, light as summer, free as air. 


Pig: first to feast, and last to moan, the good house Pig gives all a home



Or let the Sorting Toad choose for you

Limited availability of 8 people per night




At Hexborn's there are 4 possible classes to attend:

Jinxes, Hexes & Spells

Magical Flora and Fauna

Potions & Elixirs



Each House will attend 2 out of 4 classes. If you want to choose the classes you attend, or return to Hexborn's and attend the classes you missed, follow this guide:


Zephyr - Magical Flora & Fauna and Prophecy

Nauticus - Prophecy and Jinxes, Hexes & Spells

Wyvern - Jinxes, Hexes & Spells and Potions & Elixirs

Pig - Potions & Elixirs and Magical Flora & Fauna


Should you wish to attend all 4 classes, you will need to make a return visit to Hexborn's and choose a new House!




Don't forget to visit the local school uniform shop; school rules state students must attend in school uniform in the colour of your House and wand at the ready (Wands available to buy at the Box Office on arrival).





Directed by - Robyn Grant and Allie Munro

Written by - Robyn Grant and Daniel Foxx


Producer for Fat Rascal Theatre - Laura Elmes Productions

Executive Producer - The Vaults


Food designed and prepared by Chavdar Todorov, Steve Estevez and their team at Popco

Reviews for Fat Rascal's previous shows

"It is rare for me to see a new musical which arrives so tightly crafted, so witty and welcoming, so well staged and designed"


“Ready for the West End”


“A mic-drop achievement”


“Damn near perfection”


Images of previous dining shows at The Vaults

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