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November 10th - December 6th



Closing Party

Tuesday 1st December






Tuesday - Sunday - 7pm






via our Leake Street entrance

Darling & Edge is an immersive set design studio that practices without boundaries. The spaces we make aim to transcend, and ignite the imagination.


They say it takes five years to know somebody, to know the way they change and the way they stay the same; that’s how you get to the core of someone. It has taken us, Darling & Edge, a long time to work out what we do, how we change, and what remains the same.  


This is what we like to call a sensibility. Everybody has one: it is our perception and response to something, it is the filter through which we process everything. It exists all the time in everyone, and is affected by everything we see, touch, taste, smell, hear, and every person we meet and exchange with. It is infinitely complicated and personal.


Today we invite you to come and collaborate with us, to pick up a paint brush and be part of the exhibition here at the Vaults.


The creative disciplines form the foundations of our studio practice, and while our designs vary wildly from client to client, a few premises remain the same. These form our core sensibility and, for today, the five considerations for you to make whilst sharing your sensibility with ours. Keep these in mind as you make your mark on the space today.


Beauty.  It is important that something is beautiful. It should be accessible to all: something beautiful has no barriers in language or class, it is not highbrow, it does not alienate, it is not confusing or bewildering, it simply pleases your sensibility.


Confidence. There are no mistakes, just lessons. Keep looking and keep learning, and keep making decisions informed by your last decisions. Teach yourself through your own sensibility.


Collaboration. There is nothing that we make that we could do single handedly. The scale of our projects necessitates big teams. Part of that is appreciating the skills and diversity that everyone brings to the table –  be open to the sensibility of others around you. 


Playfulness. We like to laugh a lot, and try to never take it all too seriously.  It's important to us that the people who come into our spaces have fun too.


Transition.   There is enough stuff in the world, what we try to make is experience. You can't hang it on a wall or put it on a shelf, it exists in the way you remember it, which is personal, and becomes another layer in your sensibility.


In summary: be beautiful, be bold, be open, be fun, and don’t worry about it tomorrow. 



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