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Mia Culper is an assassin. Navigating her way through a series of underground chambers she must find and kill her target.


Prepped with a camera and microphone Mia live streams her journey to her Contact, who guides and advises her through the mission, ensuring she achieves her objective and stays in the shadows.


By the End of Us is a live video game with two experiences:


The Single Player
You are Mia’s Contact. You sit in a private room in front of a monitor where you receive Mia’s live feed. It is your responsibility to communicate with her and guide her through the mission. You make the decisions, you call the shots – can you ensure she finds and eliminates the target?


The Multiplayer
You are working for an agency who has been tracking Mia Culper. Viewing Mia’s feed on a large screen you help determine the success or failure of her mission. Armed with secret intel, hidden agendas and electronic keypads, you, and those around you, collectively decide on key moments within the game. Your choices mean the difference between life and death, between winning and losing.


Extra Info
Please note that there is only one Single Player per show and the audience member who purchases this ticket must arrive 15 minutes before the advertised start time. Players must also be comfortable with the interactive nature of the game; the Multiplayer audience will be able to hear your decision making process. If you have any further questions please contact the Box Office.


This game is being live streamed from tunnels within The Vaults to Southwark Playhouse where audiences experience the production. 



7th - 11th June



Matinee (Saturday) 3pm






This production is played at Southwark Playhouse

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