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The Oxford dictionary defines the term 'Liberation' as:
"Freedom from limits on thought or behaviour"


This is the basis of what we aim to achieve in our Liberation Project workshops.


The Project focuses on positive transformation through nudity. We liberate ourselves by shedding our outer layers, our clothing. As our clothing is removed, some participants choose to voice the psychological shift they are experiencing. Others remain silent, lost in their own wonderment. We are able to feel, using our senses in a childlike, more instinctual way. We feel truly Liberated, at peace with others and ourselves and blissfully happy.



Workshop 2:


How long does it take us to form our perceptions of people? What do we base them on? Do we use stereotypes? How do we judge?


We look at a persons hair, makeup, clothing, brands that they wear, but does this really give us a picture of who they are?


Our objective today is to do away with assumptions and labels, starting with your clothes. 


We will reveal ourselves by exploring nudity, challenging any connotations of embarrassment or sexualisation. 


We will then discuss how nudity makes us feel.


Selected Mondays from 13th June

19.00 - 21.00



Suitable for all levels



Enter via our Main Event entrance on Leake Street 

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