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Set in the aftermath of the most deadly pandemic the world has ever seen, Never Ending Night is a post apocalyptic immersive theatre experience. 


An outbreak of a new virus sweeps the globe, almost wiping out humanity. Locked in the quarantined refugee section of a vast government underground facility are the last remaining surviviors. Scavenging to survive, creating a makeshift home for their community, some are still hoping to find others... 


What would you do to survive in a world where everything you took for granted had disappeared? When clinging to old ideas, people, fears and hopes cause pain; and the structures, and instituions of modern society are gone; would your unrelenting human spirit triumph? Would you find new reason to hope? 


Down in the Vaults, discover an underground community who have been given a blank slate, and see how they choose to start again. 



All participants must submit to full quarantine processing and decontamination. 



Directed by Andrew Richardson

Produced by Bonnie Adair

Co-Produced by Alan Boulter and Caley Powell


In association with Goatboy Enterprises and Upstanding Productions


23rd - 25th September

Entries: 7.00pm, 7.20pm and 7.40pm

General Admission: £25

Concession: £20


All prices exclude booking fee



Entrance to Never Ending Night is via our Launcelot Street entrance

Concessions available for Students, Over 60, Disabled, Unemployed

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