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by Tom Ratcliffe


Fresh from a world première at the Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam, earlier this year, Circa comes to London and The Vaults for it's UK première this June as part of Pride in London festival. 

"That’s what everyone says isn't it? Gay men shag everything. Disease and all that.

My mum, when I came out, the first thing she said to me was ‘don’t get AIDS'...
But things are different now. They’ll be different for us."


The twenty-first century. Homosexuality is now more integrated than ever. Marriage is legal, parenthood is possible and 'homophobics' are now the one's shunned from society. The time has arrived to replace promiscuity with ever-lasting companionship: but is it really that simple? 

Circa follows the story of a man’s navigation through romantic life, exploring the dangers of expectation and how relationships can shape you into a person you never expected to become.


"What can I say? The cast. The direction. The play. Oh what theatre can do. Wow."

Rikki Beadle-Blair


EXHIBITIONPride in the 21st Century
To celebrate Circa’s partnership with Pride in London Festival, we present a photographic and art exhibition exploring homosexuality in the 21st century.
The Vaults Theatre
18.45 – 22.30 Tuesday 21st – Friday 24th June
13.45 – 17.30, 18.45 – 22.30 Saturday 25th June


A Grace Jarvis and work.Theatre production
Written by Tom Ratcliffe
Directed by Joe Allan


Photo Credit: Eitan Bernat

21st - 25th June 2016

Tuesday - Saturday 7.30pm

Saturday Matinee 2.30pm






GROUP BOOKING 10+ £10.00

Prices do not include Booking Fee


Ages 15+



Entrance to Circa is via our

Launcelot Street entrance


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