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Capacity - 120 raked seating. 150 max capacity

Dimensions - Stage size 14m long x 8m wide x 4m tall. Auditorium size 18m long x 8m wide x 5.5m tall

The Vaults is London’s home for immersive theatre and alternative arts. Our mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others.


Set in a maze of disused railway arches under Waterloo station in London, we encourage those that have a natural affinity to the unusual, the daring and the unknown. We want talented artists from every vocation to mutate their art; to make stuff that is challenging, accessible and imaginative. We are unparalleled, we are unexpected and we are under your feet.


The Leake Street graffiti tunnel, founded by Banksy, is a public space where you can view the ever-changing work at any time. To visit our other tunnels, book a ticket via our What's On page. 





























The Vaults is London's home for immersive theatre, and we strive to continue to be so by supporting and co-producing with innovative immersive theatre makersfusing together art forms and championing unsung voices.


We seek to prove that sustainability promotes a business, not stifles it, and are always trying to green-up our act. See what we're doing HERE


We are here to feed your curiosity and open your mind. Let The Vaults’ maze of underground tunnels swallow you whole.




The Vaults receives external productions, as well as co-producing work and creating our own shows in-house. As an artist or producer of work, there are numberous ways you can get involved with The Vaults:



The Vaults wants to continue our work supporting innovative immersive theatre makers, fusing together art forms and championing unsung voices. We have been really blooming lucky in the last few years to work with some amazing people, and we would like to continue to do so. So, we are adjusting the way we do hires of our theatre spaces - The Vaults Theatre and The Smiths Arch. We are still completely self funded, but we hope to be as invested in all the work that graces our grimey walls as the people who made it.


Rather than dry hire, we are now looking at being able to offer Box Office splits at 70/30 in favour of the guest companies, coming in line with the model offered during the Vault Festival.


We hope this will mean you can get to know us better as part of your creative process, have our support when it is needed and the energy to make the best work you can.


Please note:

- We have eleven tunnels of varying sizes and aesthetics - and while we're not ruling out any of them - we are particularly focusing on our seated space for this new supportive model. It has permanent seating and a basic technical rig in at all times, making it more accessible for those starting out or experimenting.

- Please let us know more about your project, yourselves and what you’re planning - the more you can tell us about you and the show, the better. If you have made marketing materials, those are handy, as well as rough dates and length of run.



In addition to this new Box Office split model, we also support our artists by co-producing work with them. These opportunities tend to be a little rarer with more specific guidelines for how this works. The same applies as above, please tell us as much as you can about you and the show. So if you fancy going a little bigger, and taking over more of the space, drop us a line about co-producing.



And lastly, if it's your preference to still operate under a dry hire model, all of our spaces are available in different guises throughout the year - if this is your vibe, we'd love to hear from you too!


If you have an idea, a full production or anything else you think would fit The Vaults, please read the info below and then get in touch on

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