We've been trying to reduce our carbon footprint, our waste and our negative impact for a while now, and I'm pretty chuffed to say we've come on leaps and bounds.

This is what we're trying now:


We work to reduce our waste as much as possible. We reuse all our building materials, furniture, sets and props as often as they’ll stand it.

We have our cardboard and glass collected by specialist recycling companies.

We send all our organic waste to a company that recycles it back in to renewable energy and fertiliser.

Everything that ends up in our unclaimed Lost Property, including electronics, gets recycled, not chucked!


We only buy eco-friendly cleaning products, and with some things we even make our own.

Our toilet paper is recycled, and comes in recycled boxes (no plastic involved)!


All our ‘plastic’ cups, cutlery and plates are biodegradable veg ware, and all our bars are straw free.

We also refill/reuse cleaning product bottles as much as possible.

For certain big events, such as Vault Festival, we also use permanent cups that you you pay a small deposit for, so that they can be reused.

Our bin bags are biodegradable, or for 'clean' waste we don't use them at all. (By the way - do you need to use a bin bag at home? It only occurred to me recently it's completely unnecessary so I've stopped!)

Anyone in the area is welcome to fill their water bottles up with us – we’d rather that than you buy a new bottle.

All our drinks come in glass bottles or cans, but we’re yet to find a supplier who can deliver these without plastic wrapped around them. If you know of one please let us know!


We ask everyone not to print their tickets, and we don’t post tickets out – on your phone will do the trick!

We’re always bugging our suppliers not to send us paper statements, or huge amounts of packaging around delivered items – it’s not necessary. Several of our suppliers are already fed up of me sending them pictures of styrofoam.

All our fliers and posters are printed on recycled paper.


Our kitchens design menus to have no waste within the cooking, and we always provide loads of vegetarian and vegan options.

We use good, well-sourced ingredients wherever we can, and we’re doing our best to improve this as we grow.

We send all our organic waste to a company that recycles it back in to renewable energy and fertiliser.

When you book a food show with us, please donate 99p per booking to Carbon Free Dining - a company that offsets the footprint of your dinner by providing trees to impoverished nations.


In our sister venues we have switched to renewable energy. We can't do this in The Vaults just yet but we're working on it!

If you've got any tips or suggestions on how we can improve please let us know (and keep on nagging). *Keep doing our own things too. Refuse that straw, buy that shampoo bar, turn your heating off when you're not in!*