There are plenty of places to go where getting smashed with your boss would be weird… But bingo is certainly not one of them. This April, The Underground Bingo Revolution is coming to The Vaults and we decided to have a staff outing to see what it was all about. It was a bizarre night of adrenaline fuelled competition that literally left us buzzing in our seats. There was drinking and dancing, there was a gun full of money, a disco ball and a giant panda. Needless to say, it’s perfect Vaults’ material.

Upon arrival we stocked up on the all-important drinks and were shown to a booth. A collection of bingo-virgins, none of us knew what to expect, but we were armed with red dabbers and fistfuls of pound coins. With multiple rounds, both on typical bingo sheets and on electronic tables, the prizes they give away are constant and we all quickly discovered a competitive ferocity we didn't know we had.

The night was fast-paced and chaotic, much like the structure of this blog post. When we got to the speedy speed round the pressure was mounting and the elation of one of our team finally screaming bingo was exhilarating. Less so, however, when we realised that she’d misheard the rules and she’d called a false-bingo. The shame. The sound of hundreds of teams shouting ‘loser’ made it hard to resist writing just that on her forehead with our bright red dabbers.

Well, half an hour later and still no prizes for us, you can only imagine the further disappointment from the Vaults’ team when one of the interns failed to notice he’d achieved bingo until too late. Our office would have looked so much better with a giant panda in it. The Bingo Revolution is not for the faint hearted and, naturally, he didn’t join us for drinks afterwards. Not to worry, we’ve found a much better job for him: running around in too-short shorts and raining money on the victors.

By the end of the night it transpired that none of us had what it takes to become bingo masters… Not that that will stop us from trying again just as soon as the hangovers have worn off.