What made you decide to call it An Evening Of Meat?

I guess it was the simplest title with the most complex undercurrents.Focusing on the word meat makes it a visceral and confrontational experience for the audience even before they attend. What do I mean by meat? Am I referring to -- Bodies? Animals? Food? Flesh? Meat of the matter? Meat as the fundamental part of something? I like offering a title that immediately provides multiple meanings - it's up to the individual audience member to discover for themselves...

What’s going to be different in the London show?

We are experimenting with new fashion designs from Singaporean designer Lisa Von Tang. I wanted to share the aesthetic influences of my 8 year experience with Asia since the origins of the show. Lisa's designs are made for warriors with an edgy mix of east and west. We played with more colour and I think it's going to change the mood of how the work is consumed. We also commissioned new original music for the choreographed parts of the evening. The LA- based composer, Patrick Rivera, has also graciously allowed us to gift the audience members with these new tracks following the show.

What are the most interesting reactions or comments received from previous guests?

I've had a guest take off my heel and pour his soup into it then drink the soup from my shoe. I've seen guests pet the dancers as if they are cats or make animal sounds to communicate with the non-verbal performers. People tend to feed each other during the show. Many people reference Eyes Wide Shut or tell us they feel like they are in another world or part of a movie. Everyone feels like a new character in the space.

What’s your favourite part of the show?

The moment where the audience relaxes - usually after 1 or 2 glasses of wine. In the beginning there's always a lot of uneasiness and unsettledness in the space which heightens the drama of course. But, the interactions become so much more interesting with the audience deciding to surrender to the moment - it inevitably happens in a very clear instance in every show and it's such a beautiful transition.

What’s your vision for the future of the show?

I hope to bring the show to New York for a longer public run. It's pretty surreal that we have performed all over the world and have shown this show in 4 major cities without it having been premiered in the US. I would love to have it installed permanently in its own venue one day.....