STRAWS SUCK - Our bid to go Green

Our negative impact on our environment is the biggest issue facing us, human beings, right now. Running a large, city-centre venue obviously contributes to this A LOT, but we are trying to reduce this day by day – although it is completely terrifying how difficult, and expensive, it is to make this work. If nothing else -remember to REFUSE THE STRAW.

Think of the turtles!

This is what we're trying now:


All our waste is recycled by Lambeth Council.

We work to reduce our waste as much as possible. We reuse all our building materials, furniture, sets and props as often as they’ll stand it. We aim not to throw out any organic waste at all, and our incredible catering staff design every menu with no-waste in mind, aiming to use every bit of every thing rather than throw it away.

Everything that ends up in our unclaimed Lost Property, including electronics, gets recycled, not chucked!


We only buy eco-friendly cleaning products, and with some things we even make our own.

Our toilet paper is recycled, and comes in recycled boxes (no plastic involved)!


All our ‘plastic’ cups, cutlery and plates are biodegradable veg ware, and all our bars are straw free.

We also refill/reuse cleaning product bottles as much as possible.

Anyone in the area is welcome to fill their water bottles up with us – we’d rather than you buy a new bottle.

All our drinks come in glass bottles or cans, but we’re yet to find a supplier who can deliver these without plastic wrapped around them. If you know of one please let us know!


We ask everyone not to print their tickets, and we don’t post tickets out – on your phone will do the trick!

We’re always bugging our suppliers not to send us paper statements, or huge amounts of packaging around delivered items – it’s not necessary.

All our fliers and posters are printed on recycled paper.


Our kitchens design menus to have no waste within the cooking, and we always provide loads of vegetarian and vegan options.

We use good, well-sourced ingredients wherever we can, and we’re doing our best to improve this as we grow.


in our sister venues we have switched to renewable energy. We can't do this in The Vaults just yet but we're working on it!

If there's anything else you can think of that we can do, please get in touch.