How did you get Irvine Welsh to give you the rights to create the show?

We had just had pretty good success with a 5 star sell out run of 'The Hard Man'. We felt we were tackling Scottish work that hadn't been done in a while or indeed ever been done as an immersive piece. We simply pitched our idea of what we wanted to do with the show and why we felt we were the right company to do it. The rest is history.

What other projects would you like to tackle after this run?

There are so many different projects I'd like to tackle and people keep asking us what we will do next. I like that people are anticipating and suggesting what we could be or should be taking on next. I'll leave that as a surprise.

What’s your favourite scene in the show?

That's a tough one. If we were going for comic value I'd probably choose the interview scene. I absolutely love watching and being part of that scene. However for me, the Begbie and June scene is a really pivotal one. It takes the audience by complete surprise and really the play into a new gear!

What do you think makes the show stand out?

It's pretty rare to find a group of actors who have performed together for almost 450 shows. The ensemble is so strong and trusting that it helps us be really brave and take more risks on stage. It's such a relevant story as well. I mean Trainspotting stands out alone as a brand really. I just think it's dirty, raw and sharp.

Greg Esplin is the artistic director of In Your Face Theatre, the original producers of Trainspotting. He also plays Tommy in the show.