Lily Newbury-Freeman and Emma Playfair


NewPlay Productions

How long have you have been a company for?

We’ve been making creative babies together over lots of projects for 5 years, but technically we’ve been a ‘company’ for 9 months (can’t believe it took us that long to put our names together… New & Play… duh!)

Why did you choose The Vaults as your venue?

It’s only ever been the Vaults for us. Lily has seen a few productions in the Vaults over the last couple of years, and loved the atmosphere!! When Emma moved over, we loved how much scope there is for creative possibilities. This has been one of those projects where our “DREAM SHOW” was drunkenly sketched on a napkin one night, and 6 months later has turned into a reality – the Vaults was at the top of that list!

How do you feel about brining your first play by NewPlay Productions to London?

Pretty bloody spectacular!!! What a creative hub to create and perform in!

What do you want your audience to walk away with after watching Airswimming?

With the question “What part of my head do I drill the hole in?” We want our audiences to FEEL this world and these women, and to SEE them. What HAS happened in history, what is happening NOW, and to question - what are you going to DO about it?

You have chosen a play whic