I'm one of the Duty Managers for The Vaults and after a brief period away I've returned to work on Alice's Adventures Underground, seeing it through to the end of the run. It's always exciting seeing new events in the space and I knew Alice was a particularly big one.. When I got here last week I realised: this is not The Vaults I know.

The venue has been totally transformed! Corridors exist where there weren't any before; the gas bottles in the Gas Bottle Room have been buried by zoetropes and there is a small lake in the Short Wet One. I've never got lost in The Vaults until now and found myself confused, disorientated and staring at a grinning cat.

Really this is all just a testament to the quality of the set design and the way the space has been mapped out. You have until 30th August to see this show and realise what I'm on about - it's cracking so do come down.