A Message about Work Experience at The Vaults Gallery.

from Taz, 15

Going from my secondary school, surrounded by rows of chicken shops, to the undergrounds of Waterloo tunnels passing falafel carts, my two weeks of work experience at The Vaults was, of course, a completly new experience - one that I wasn't exposed to at school.

I was greeted with Charlie Tuesday Gate's Taxidermy animals from wall to wall (mind you, some of the animals did remind me of people at school).

Then I saw how the gallery switched up to Mr Shiz's Graff body work. I had the pleasure of seeing how artists and galleries handle artwork and communicate with each other, and got to see a range of pieces; all of different mediums.

Lucille Clerc's 'Kew Gardens' and 'V&A' screen prints were prints which had rightfully gained their place on The Vaults Gallery wall of Prints, and one of my favorites, which opened me to ask her questions:

How would you describe your style of work?

It is all hand drawn, a mix of very realistic and surreal, with a taste for patterns and texture.

Is there something you look for in a landscape when you decide to illustrate them or are they just observational?

I think I look for something that somehow moves me, the signs of time, history, daily use.

I like exploring the fact that these places had a life.

Other than Print screening what other mediums do you use, and would you experiment with different ones in the future?

I draw a lot with simple pencils and biro (i’m a bit obsessed with blue biros).

I also use gouache. In the future I would love to experiment with 3d and try ceramic.

As an artist how did you build your skill?

Drawing and screen printing is all about experimentation and building experience, you fail and learn.

Did you always know you wanted to go into the arts field?

Yes - it has always been very strong, when the teacher used to give these questionnaires at the beginning of the year, to the question what job would you like to do, I used to say draughtswoman.

What advice would you give to someone who would want to pursue a career in editorial design and illustration?

Don’t look around too much, don’t compromise too much, just do your thing in the most sincere way and you will find some people who relate to what you do at some point.

Do you collaborate with different artists or see yourself doing so in the future?

I would like this a lot especially people a very different field.

How do you work with companies who commission projects?

I really like the fact that it is direct, we meet, we discuss things, it keeps things simple.

On your website you said you run workshops. What do you do in these workshops and how could people who are interested come along?

I’ve been running workshops as part of school programs, mainly for children.

It was screen printing workshop, model making and drawing. But it would be interesting to do more for different kind of ages.

Let me know if you would like to discuss this, maybe it could be fun to do this, and the vaults are a great venue for these kind of things.

For exhibitions do galleries usually seek you or do you seek galleries?


From the Vaults staff:

It was a pleasure to have Taz come on board for two weeks. She was thrown into the deep end of both working the Gallery and the whole venue as an events space.

We'll see you again Taz!

And thanks Lucille for answering these questions. If you'd like to see some of Lucille's beautiful prints the come on down to the gallery, or look in the Gallery stockroom on our website.