A Note on the Wall from Banksy...

Written by Emma

Between 1994 and 2007, Waterloo was used as the London terminus of the Eurostar international rail service. Leake Street, the subterranean passage located underneath the Eurostar platforms, was a parking space for taxis. When the service moved to Saint Pancras, Leake Street was forgotten. It became a dark and silent back alley, a street where nobody dared to venture at night...

...Until Banksy, the most famous British "vandal", spotted the venue for a happening he was secretly planning. And in May 2008, the Cans Festival was born. The idea? Gathering some of the world's top graffiti artists in a 200 metre long hidden tunnel. Among them, C215, Blek le Rat, Faile, Pure Evil, Logan Hicks, Eelus and of course... Banksy. In the street, 3D art installations, stencils, and public members invited to join in. On a wall, a note from Banksy himself:

"Graffiti doesn't always spoil buildings, in fact it's the only way to improve a lot of them. In the space of a few hours with a couple of hundred cans of paint I'm hoping we can transform a dark forgotten filth pit into an oasis of beautiful art"

Today the Banksy legacy is still alive. Dozens of amateur and established artists meet up every day in Leake Street, - now the biggest legal street art space in London - to create new stories and new visual adventures. And in that ever-evolving maze of catchy characters and paintings, if you look in the air, yes, up there, you'll find the flying zeppelin... that's where you'll find us.