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Dead Wait is a live, interactive video game.


In this one-player game, you sit at a monitor and wear a headset. You watch the action from Sarah Parker’s point of view and communicate with her through your headset. She has been kidnapped and it is your role to guide her through a maze of escalating challenges and difficult decisions.


By adapting existing technology Dead Wait is a new way of experiencing live performance, bridging the video game and theatre worlds in a challenging and exciting format. The technology used has been previously trialled and received a very warm reception from audiences. Revamped and rewritten the production will be performed in The Vaults, Waterloo, and live streamed to Soho Theatre for previews in late July before moving to The Pleasance Courtyard for the first two weeks of August.


Dead Wait is Block Stop's second production and showcases their bold and ambitious ideas. Focusing on combining theatre and gaming Block Stop make interactive, technologically challenging work, resulting in an alternative style of performance. The company is run by a team of four 'Game Makers' who work collaboratively to devise and produce their shows, this includes Melanie Grossenbacher, Daniel Thompson, Ilayda Arden and Oli Back.


Supported by Arts Council England, The Vaults, Soho Theatre, and The Pleasance.



Your objectives are clear: Get Sarah out alive. Save the others. Catch the kidnapper.


With no pause, reload or extra lives, what will you do to win the game?

Soho Theatre. 14 - 20 Jul.

21 Dean Street. London. W1D 3NE



£9 Full | £8 Conc. Weekdays

£10 Full | £9 Conc. Weekends


Dates and Times

16 – 18 July. | 19 July.

6pm. 7:30pm. 9pm. | 12pm. 1pm. 3:30pm. 5pm. 7pm. 8:30pm.


Book via. or 020 7478 0100.

Pleasance Courtyard [V33]. 2 - 17 Aug.

60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ



£9 Full | £8 Conc. Weekdays

£10 Full | £9 Conc. Weekends


Dates and Times

2 – 17 August [excluding Tuesdays].

12:00. 13:30. 15:30. 17:00. 19:00, 20:30.


Book via. or 020 7609 1800

To keep up to date with events visit or go to twitter @block_stop and follow #DeadWait

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